Equipment and Calendar

Core users who have filled out a Vision Core Request For Services Form have access to the following equipment:

Medical Sciences Center (Bardeen, SMI, Medical Sciences and Medical Sciences Center Complex) – 1300 University Avenue

Clinical Sciences Center – 600 Highland Ave

  • Zeiss Axiophot microscope for light and fluorescence microscopy
  • Fundus camera
  • Electrophysiology equipment for mfERG, ffERG, PERG, PVEP
  • Optical coherence tomographer
  • Ultrasound biomicroscope
  • Fluorotron master fluorophotometer
  • Sonometrics SBR-300 A-scan ultrasonograph
  • Slit lamps with Goldmann applanation tonometer
  • Hartinger coincidence refractometers
  • Keeler instruments indirect ophthalmoscope
  • Zeiss Op-Mi 6 operating microscope
  • Zeiss OMPI Lumera Operating Microscope and Image capture system for ocular surgical procedures in


  • WIMR Optical Imaging Core located on Floor 2 of the Wisconsin Institutes for Medical Research, offers imaging services on three microscopes systems, (1) a Leica SP8 3X STED Super-resolution microscope, (2) Nikon A1RS confocal microscope, and (3) Leica DMi8 inverted fluorescent microscope. In addition to training and usage on these systems, we offer many companion imaging and prep services. Powerful computing equipment is also available for advanced image processing and analysis.
  • LiCor Odyssey CLx uses near-infrared fluorescence to provide sensitivity equal or better than chemiluminescence giving you low background, high signal-to-noise, multiplexed detection, and the sensitivity of any fluorescent system.  The Odyssey CLx System can be used for many applications, including Western blot analysisEMSAprotein arraysIn-Cell Western™ AssaysOn Cell Western AssaysNucleic acid gel documentationin vivoimagingCoomassie gel documentationRNAi analysis, and tissue section analysis.
  • Olympus BX40 brightfield microscope with an Olympus DP26 5 megapixel color camera and Olympus cellSens digital imaging software. Together, this allows the user to acquire high resolution (2448 x 1920 pixels) color images of histochemically or immunohistochemically stained sections, cells or whole mounts.  10X, 20X, and 40X air objectives along with a 100X oil objective are included with the microscope.
  • Zeiss Axioimager Z2  upright microscope for brightfield and epifluorescence microscopy
  • Zeiss Axiovert inverted microscope for brightfield and epifluorescence microscopy
  • Logos Biosystems X-Clarity Tissue Processor