Biostatistics and Epidemiology Resource Core

The Biostatistics and Epidemiology Resource Core (BERC) provides assistance with a large variety of statistical challenges essential to research. The main services provided by BERC are Research Planning, Data Analysis, Results Preparation and Presentation, and Consulting Services.

Research Planning
Statistical considerations should begin before the data collection. The best statistical methods cannot compensate for a poorly designed study. We provide assistance with both study design and sample size/power calculations.

Data Analysis
We can provide assistance with a particular analysis or choosing the right method for your study. We can help with both execution, understanding and interpretation of methods, such as linear/logistic regression models,time series models, ANOVA/ANCOVA models, survival analysis and RNA-seq data analysis.

Results Preparation and Presentation
It is important to present results in a clear and organized fasion. If you are unsure about what to report, how to report it or how to explain the results of your data analysis, we provide help with graph and table construction, results interpretation and the reporting of the used methods.

Consulting Services
Besides the more extensive services, we also offer a consulting. This is for minor questions regarding statistical concepts (what is a p-value again?), methods (will a logistic regression be the right method for this situation?) or would like to discuss ideas for more advanced analysis. The structure of the services will vary greatly depending on the request. Some requests will be solvable via phone or e-mail, but in general it is expected that one or more in-person meetings will be required.

Online Resources
In addition to in-person consultations, BERC has compiled two sets of slides on the concepts of statistical hypothesis testing and statistical power/sample size calculations. These are meant to give the reader a better and more intuitive understanding of the concepts.

Furthermore, a short glossary of basic statistical concepts is provided. This is meant as a supplement to the above mentioned slides, but also as a help when reviewing papers (own as well as others), discussing methods, etc.

For assistance, please contact:

Kyle Peterson, PhD